Board of the Foundation «Place of Contemplation» on the motorway in canton Uri.

In 1997 a non-profit foundation was established to build, exploit and maintain the «Place of Contemplation», substantially supported by the office for the operation of the motorways, and the Gotthard Motorway Service Area A2 Stock Company.

The Board of the Foundation acts voluntarily. In 2021 its members are:

  • Josef Arnold (President), Seedorf
  • Christine Dietrich, Messen
  • Françoise Ellenberger, Bauen
  • Thomas Furger, Erstfeld
  • Ivo Musch, Altdorf
  • Albert Zopp, Schattdorf
  • André Zumstein, Aigle

Carlo Christen (Fiduciary Office Christen) in Altdorf assures the management.